Tuesday, February 05, 2008


These past few days have been filled with "prepare the nest" activities. Our weekend was a complete domestic one as we finished up the nursery by hanging the last couple of pictures, rearranged car seats and video screens in the van, and cleaned up the house in anticipation of a new arrival. Amy & I were on the same wavelength as we both realized the inordinate amount of time that we are about to be spending in our house with little ones. The only thing that is really left to do is to formally pack a bag for the hospital. But aside from the actual change of clothes to go into the bag even that is done for the most part.

So we began the week feeling totally prepared for anything to hit us.....and then Monday intervened. Yesterday was just a series of Murphy's Law episodes one after another. Gus was sent home from preschool with pink eye. Potty training accidents followed. I came home from work to try to rescue Amy so she could take some work calls. Gus had a bout of projectile vomiting at dinner. Tucker got into the act by eating deer poop in the backyard and then throwing it back up in the dining room. Then we were up most of the night with both boys as they took turns getting sick because of a stomach bug. When it rains, it pours.

But Tuesday is a new day. Today is Super Tuesday with a ton of delegates up for the taking so the Obama/Clinton showdown will be in full effect, including under our own roof. We are looking forward to watching the process unfold.....and to a vomit-free day today in the nest.


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