Monday, February 18, 2008


I remember one of the first nights after we brought the boys home from the hospital. Amy & I were so relieved to have them out of the NICU and have them in our house. The boys were sleeping in their pack-n-play with their bellies full. Amy & I relaxed by cooking a nice dinner & pouring a glass of wine to toast our new family. Naively, I commented that if this was what having kids was going to be like that we could do this without too much turmoil.

Then of course babies stop sleeping in between feedings. They learn to walk, talk, push -- both each other and their parents' patience -- and on and on. I know now that that those first several days were a honeymoon period that don't last forever.

Amy & I are in the honeymoon phase right now with Tess. She only cries when she is hungry, and as soon as she eats she goes right back to sleep. Add to that the fact that we have been fortunate enough to have Amy's mom here since Tess was born. So while Amy is pretty fatigued as she bears the brunt of the late night and early morning feeding schedule, we still have it relatively easy at this stage.

The honeymoon stage will be over at some point. But we'll adapt as parents do. For now we're eating it up.


Tess looks a bit like Rocky Balboa with her right eye swollen shut & weeping. At first we thought it was pink eye. But now we are hoping it was just aggravated from her flailing arms scratching it. Here she is with her first bath.

The calm before the storm. Tess was not a fan of being unswaddled & bathed. She defintely prefers to be wrapped up in one of the blankets friends and family have made for her.

So far Tess isn't much of a grinner -- except with the occasional gas. But we managed to catch a grin here -- definitely my favorite picture of her so far.

The boys are quite the helpers with their baby sister. Owen & Gus deposited Sally car and Lightning McQueen in her car seat in case Tess woke up to play cars with them. And a toilet brush in case, they gave her a toilet brush. How sweet.


ashley said...

Owen and Gus are going to be great big brothers!

Brooke said...

I hope your eyes get better Tess! You have some really great brothers!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new bundle of joy. She is so sweet.

I am happy to hear that Owen and Gus are helping to take care of her.

Can't wait to see the whole family.


MELESIA said...

you all are so blessed! Tess is so precious! Gus and Owen will teach her so much!!!! talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

Ok, the toilet brush is killing me! Seriously, laughed out loud. Enjoy the joys of parenthood. -Mandie Wetekamp