Sunday, February 24, 2008


The big brothers are adjusting to life with their baby sister. Gus is very much the protective, caring big brother. He fetches diapers and blankets for Tess and kisses her on the cheek. When she cries he covers his ears with concern and finds Amy and me to tell us that Tess needs something. It's pretty sweet.

Owen shows his affection for Tess in a different way. Much like his personality of the introverted observer, Owen generally doesn't show as much outward affection for Tess. Instead he proudly shows off the pictures of him with Tess to his teachers at preschool. Both boys have their moments where they want individual attention and act out. But that is to be expected. Tonight the boys showed a really cool moment of looking out for their little sister.



ashley said...

That video is precious! Thanks for sharing it. Tell Owen and Gus they are doing a great job with their little sister!

Brooke said...

That is so sweet Owen and Gus! You boys will be very good brothers!

Anonymous said...

This video is so sweet. The big brothers are taking such good care of Baby Tess. Nana