Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poll - Results

Is it skimpies or skivvies? After reading Chad's response I blew it off due to his unique upbringing in Salter Path. When the Rutledge clan jumped in I attributed it to being a Rutledge saying. I know there have been plenty of "Janeisms" which Derek continues to quote from time to time. (Other Janeisms include -- Bergendorfs, Mrs. Whifflepin, "I'll be John Brown" -- we love you Jane.) It was when my own mother replied that I started to question skimpies. My sister's post gave me stronger doubts. I was ready to concede when I sat down to type but I gave it one last whirl on google. The websites might not be appropriate but let me tell you 'skimpies' had 15,100 results. sums it up the best.

1. skimpies: A Word Me And My Friends Use For short shorts and underwear and tight stuff. Shorts You Wear Under Your Skirt.

"you got on your Skimpies"

At the same time google had over 254,000 results for skivvies and following is the definition from Seems that 'skivvies' is a very popular term. Derek didn't make this up after all! So whether you're running around in your ''skivvies' or some misguided people might say 'skimpies'.... just enjoy the moment!

1. skivvies : A trademark used for underwear. This trademark often occurs in lowercase in print: “The venerable white-underwear company . . . had dabbled in socks, sweats, and fashion skivvies” (Advertising Age). “About 500 yards away, on three destroyers snubbed up to the dock, men were clambering on the deck in their skivvies” (Smithsonian).

"I've got my skivvies in a bunch."


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad it wasn't another Janeism! I love you all too! gj

Jason V, Reference Librarian said...

I haven't checked the blog in a week or so, and I'm coming to this conversation late... My apologies.

skimpies: names for underwear; used infrequently in Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia (Dictionary of American Regional English, vol. iv)

Skivvies: a trademark used for underwear. (American Heritage Coll. Dict., 4th ed)

svivvy: Also scivvy, skivie, skivvie. [of unknown origin] 1. N. American slang for a) an undershirt, a vest. b) plural for Underclothes. First reported usage in 1932. An alternate definition says "A domestic female servant; esp. a maid-of-all-work," first used in 1902. (Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd ed.)