Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just a Trim

This week marked Owen and Gus's first haircut. It took them twenty-three months before getting their first trim. But after Amy & I showed them pictures of hair metal bands that they could end up like if they didn't agree to a haircut, Owen and Gus quickly darted for the van, started it up, and buckled themselves into their car seats.

We took the boys to a place that specializes in kids' haircuts. The place is a good fit for kids with toys, stuffed animals, kid videos, airplane and horse seats -- you name it. When I asked the stylist if she gets sick of watching Dora the Explorer and Elmo all day it didn't take her long to tell me what she thought of the videos by the end of a day's work. But hey, whatever works for the kids right?

Gus settled in to the airplane seat and sat stoically while getting his protruding wings trimmed. Meanwhile Owen was scared to sit by himself so he had to sit in my lap. Once he realized he was going to be ok, he sat like a statue while the stylist gave him a much-needed clip.

Meanwhile Amy snapped pictures with the camera -- make that both the digital camera and the video camera -- despite her husband's objections that they looked like the tourists at an amusement park. In the end though it was a breeze. Amy got a bunch of photos to document for her scrapbook, and the boys can relax knowing they don't have to face the pressure of learning screeching guitar solos and the art of throwing TV's out of hotel rooms like hair metal rock stars.

The photo that scared the boys into taking the plunge for their first haircuts. Oh yes, it's Dokken!

Curly, pre-trim.

Shaggy, pre-trim.

The brothers grim

Still as a statue...

"Ooooh, not so much off there. Just shape it up a bit."

The boys are presentable again.

The brothers groomed


Anonymous said...

Sharp boys!!!!gj

brooke said...

I miss you guys! Hope I can see you soon!

D. Chad said...

Were the boys wearing their skivvies when they got their hair cut?

Hege said...

wow, they've gotten so big...I remember when Kaitlyn and Kurt got there 1st haircuts it was very eventful each time :)