Friday, January 19, 2007


Friday is here. No big weekend plans at la casa de Rutledge. We're supposed to get some winter weather here -- finally! We got a really light dusting of snow yesterday. Amy took the boys outside to get their first feel of the white stuff. Owen touched it, realized it was really cold, and didn't want any part of it. Gus bent down, grabbed the snow, realized it was cold, and kept going back for more.

Gus has really been expanding his talking which relieves Amy and me. We think that's why he has some of his infamous temper tantrums since he hasn't been able to express himself through words. He's added "cracker," "milk," and "juice" to his repertoire in addition to the "ma-ma," "da-da," and host of animal sounds. Here's hoping G-diddy has turned the corner and will start communicating more and getting frustrated less.

Kentucky has an interesting challenge Saturday against Vanderbilt. Vandy runs a perimeter focused offense that features four guys who can shoot the three. The Dores hit 15 threes (!) against Alabama on Wednesday in an upset win. They also own a win against a good Tennessee team. Vandy doesn't have the inside guy to counter Randolph Morris so expect a big game from him. I am really starting to dig this year's Kentucky team. Tubby has kids who listen to him and have bought into his system -- they are playing typical Tubby-ferocious defense. If the D can contain Vandy's outside shooters, I look for a good win especially since it is at Rupp. Tipoff at 3:00.

Sunday could bring us some more wintry mix -- snow turning to freezing rain. The grocery stores will be out of bread and milk by noon Saturday. Two big football games to watch Sunday afternoon. I can't wait to watch that matchup between Indianapolis and New England. This will be a big test for Peyton to finally win the big one.

Have a great weekend everybody. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Sound like a good winter weekend to me! I'd like one! I'm with Gus--- let's get into some snow! gj