Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, the wife and kids return today. Ten days of living solo concludes for me. A honey-do list that didn't remotely come close to being completed goes back in the drawer. Whole milk and vegetables push the beer back out to the garage fridge. Yes, Amy and the boys return from visiting family in Kentucky today. And I find myself nearly giddy to pick them up at the airport.

For me personally there were some enjoyable things about spending some time alone -- a sense of independence, some quiet time to read a book, no messy diapers, being able to watch four Law & Order re-runs back-to-back (Amy sometimes thinks she battles Jack McCoy for my attention.) ;-) I got to drive down to Charleston to see young Corinne in her first days on the planet. I got to have a poker night at the house on Friday night, playing cards and laughing with buddies until 2:30 in the morning. I consider myself an independent person, and that part of me thrived in the past ten days.

Yet despite those instances I realize that I miss so many of the everyday things that dominate our life as a family. I can't wait to hear the different ways that each of the boys says "Da-da" -- Owen with a sweet, innocent inflection; Gus with a smirking pizazz to it. I look forward to playing in the playroom with puzzles, plastic tools, and blocks. I am excited about giving baths with the Elmo pirate ship and reading bedtime stories. I don't even think I'll mind washing a dozen sippy cups a day or changing the diaper that eclipses safe levels of toxicity -- at least not for the next week. ;-) And of course I miss the glue that holds us all together -- Amy B.

I know the family in Paducah made the most of Amy's trip to see her and the boys. I think Amy looked to this as her vacation and welcomed all the helping hands. I look forward to hearing all about it -- over the clanging of pots and pans and the rumbles of push toys scooting across the floor!


ashley said...

Amy and the boys are on the way to Nashville. We got our last hugs and kisses this morning. Owen and Gus are so sweet! We have had a great visit! Just wait until you see and hear all they have learned this week! Owen was saying "lighthouse" this morning, and Gus has mastered the sit-and-spin. Pictures and videos to come. Thanks for letting them spend the time with us! We love you all!!!

Jason V said...

Jack McCoy is the man!