Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iraq and Vietnam

Tremendous read in the Washington Post today about the parallels between Iraq and Vietnam. I think it is sobering that we didn't learn this lesson from our history.

What's the lesson to be learned? Modesty. Before initiating a war of choice -- and Vietnam and Iraq both qualify -- define the goal with honesty and precision, then analyze what means will be needed to achieve it. Be certain you really understand the society you propose to transform. And never gamble that the political solution to such an adventure will somehow materialize after the military operation has begun. Without a plausible political plan and strong local support at the outset, military operations alone are unlikely to produce success.

"Trapped by Hubris, Again"


Anonymous said...

All that reads well and I believe all of it. However, our great leader(for lack of a more stringent adjective) hasn't listened to any of the reports that have been commissioned in the last five years and still insists that his way is the correct way. CER

Anonymous said...

I have been comparing these two wars for quite some time so I couldn't agree more with the entire article. How will this war end I wonder? gj