Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble

Amy & I are preparing for our first Thanksgiving in our new abode with the boys this week. We got a small turkey yesterday and some fixins. We are going to teach the boys the joys of eating until you can't move and making an imprint in the couch while you sit and watch football. Ah, Thanksgiving -- I love it!

This year will will be a different Thanksgiving as we won't be spending it with any of our extended families. Billy and Elaine are going to Knoxville to watch the Tennessee/Kentucky game (watch out Billy -- this could be the year!) ;-) C.E. and Jane are trekking down to Charleston to spend the weekend with Aunt Mel and Uncle Dude. But Amy & I are really looking forward to a few days where we can relax and continue to get settled into our house (we still have painting to do and boxes to sort through). We'll make sure we eat enough for everyone else. Have a great Thanksgiving -- cheers!

Owen & Gus check out Dad's workshop where the wind chimes are at the perfect height.

"Scatter brother! Quick, before they make us help them rake all these leaves!"

"I would help rake leaves, honestly I would. But there are just so many things to ponder when you think of all the leaves that have fallen. I think I'd rather just sit and think of them."

"Here you go Dad, two handfuls of help from me."

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