Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Animal Babysitters

Our post-dinner ritual in entertaining Owen and Gus got some relief last night. In the past Tucker hasn't had too much to do with boys. He gets grumpy at being tugged, pulled, poked, and prodded. So when the boys come near him, he normally gets up and moves to the other side of the room or leaves altogether. Last night however Owen coaxed Tucker into a game of tug rope which left two boys and a dog wildly entertained and tired. It also two parents very glad to have found entertainment help. Long live good dogs!

Playing with the dog went on for a good half hour and would have continued had we not had a cat sighting. Now if we could just get Dutch and Harper to play with the boys like the dog does, Amy & I would leave the babysitting to the animals! ;-)

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Melanie said...

Owen has the most catching little chortle! Soon Tucker won't even remember that they got on his nerves. :-)