Monday, November 06, 2006

Fall Fun in Charleston

Anxious for a much needed break from unpacking boxes and wanting to see Aunt Mel and Uncle Dude (and baby X on the way), Amy & I loaded up the boys, high chairs, suitcases & toys for a weekend down in Charleston. It was a brisk weekend with temperatures staying 50s and 60s during the day and down into the 30s at night -- great autumn weather. We had a tremendous time -- playing with the dogs, going to Harvest Fest to see local bluegrass bands and tractors galore, and vegging out while talking kids over CSI reruns.

Melanie and Roman aren't finding out if they're having a boy or a girl in early January, but my money's on a baby girl to join the family. It won't be long...

Gus sweet-talks Mom & Aunt Mel into taking him on a hayride.

Owen was in heaven with all the "dactors" that awaited his exploration.

Owen even finds one that is the right size. "How much for this one please, sir?"

Several local bands gathered onstage for some bluegrass music Charleston-style.

Back at la casa, T-Cuz, Chloe and Tera are forced to watch feeding time from the deck. Chloe and Tera will very likely make the transformation from dog to vulture at feeding time just like their cousin Tucker.

A beaming Gus reunites with his canine soulmate, Ms. Chloe.

The crew poses for a snapshot after a fun day at Harvest Fest.

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What a GREAT looking crew!!! gj