Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ode to Bill Craft

There is a tremendous sense of relief at la casa de Kronos tonight. Our house is back under contract as a young couple from Raleigh made an offer last night which we negotiated and finalized this afternoon. For Amy and me, the sense of excitement that was trampled by dread three and a half weeks ago when the first contract fell apart has welcomed itself back into our house. We are very cautious not to let ourselves get too excited over this -- after all we still have to go through another inspection process. But we hope this time it will be a success. Amy & I have done a lot of work on the house since the infidels walked away from the first contract so we are hopeful that anything that comes up will be minor.

Our buyers are a young couple in a very similar situation to ours seven years ago when we moved out of our apartment into our first house. They really wanted the house, and it was obvious that they would take care of it and make the house a good home. Amy and I told each other when we set out to move that the target market for our place was a young couple without kids just like the ones that we met today.

There is a lucky part of this story as well. Earlier this week Amy and I were feeling dejected about not having any showings on the house for over a week. We made the decision to call the listing agent to drop the price on our house. That night however we had a message on our voicemail from a man named Bill Craft telling us that he would like to see our house. I called the agent back and told her to hold off dropping the price until we saw how the Bill Craft scenario would play out. When I finally reached Bill the next day, he told me he would get back to me about coming by to look at the house. We never heard back from the guy, but because of his phone call we held off on dropping the price long enough to make it to the weekend where our house finally had its prom date show up in the driveway.

Wherever you are Mr. Craft, we're glad you called.


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Anne Jane said...

I have been anxiously following this story, hoping for a happy ending. I am keeping my fingers crossed.