Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day weekend

Today is back to reality after a nice three-day holiday weekend. Amy, the boys, and I stayed put in NC and enjoyed the time at home. Our focus and energy continues to be all h-o-u-s-e.

On the selling front we had a contractor working on the siding on Monday. This story could easily be a long, drawn-out soap opera post in and of itself, but I'll spare you the details. Let's just say Amy and I were thrilled to get the guy out there for a few hours on Labor Day. We had four calls to show the house over the weekend -- one cancelled on Friday night, two people looked at the house on Sunday, and a young couple looked at the house on Monday. Of those showings, two groups seem to be promising leads for second showings later this week. Amy and I are hopeful, but one thing we have learned through this process is not to get too up or too down with individual showings or events. Otherwise we would be basket cases. Nevertheless the positive feedback both realtors left on the showings website was encouraging.

On the buying front Amy & I continue to play the financing game with mortgage brokers. Amy is dealing with one broker, and I am dealing with another. Then at the end of the day we compare notes and go back to each of them. It's like buying a car, only it's over the phone and if a kid goes to the bathroom while we're negotiating we're not confined to a small room. ;-)

The rest of the weekend was relaxing. We got to visit with the Poneleit and Hughes families on Sunday. Gus and Owen got to play with Marlyn and Bree Poneleit and all their wonderful toys. The boys were in heaven. Gus thoroughly enjoyed wearing a tiara and prancing around with pearls around his neck. The women thought it was adorable, and we guys just shook our heads. (It's a phase, Dad, it's just a phase.) ;-) Owen was a happy little camper sliding down the girls' slide and trying to pull down the Poneleit's projection TV. Speaking of which rumor has it there was a Kentucky football game being played on that TV, but we are all still wondering if that display of athletic mediocrity actually counts as a game. It may be a long year for the Kentucky football Cats.

Finally we wrapped up the weekend with some drama at 4:00am this morning when a long, sustained car horn/alarm went off waking up the whole neighborhood. Many of us walked out into the cul-de-sac in our boxers and nightgowns to see what was going on, afraid that our vehicle was the one making all the noise. As it turned out, it was a car several houses down and the alarm just stopped going off all of a sudden. Then a half hour later after everyone returned to bed, the alarm went off again and someone drove the car out of the development lights flashing and horn honking. We don't think it was any foul play, just a bizarre, unwanted wake-up to start the week.


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