Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Catching Breaths

Houses, birthdays and boys have eaten up the hours over the past week. On the homefront, we have endured another house inspection on our current house. The report generated yet another list of repairs that we are currently sorting through. But the good news is that this report -- as opposed to the report generated by the infidels' inspectors -- listed repairs that should be much more manageable to address. Plus this house is ideal for our current buyers so the threat of cold feet should be minimal, and their real estate agent is much better to work with.

Amy & I both celebrated birthday #32 this week. Amy was glad when my birthday came and went so her annual two days of endless "cradle robber" jokes came to a close. (Amy is two days older than me.) ;-)

The boys are up and moving fast as ever. Owen is getting more confident on his feet. He's still four weeks behind Gus in walking, but he is catching up fast -- especially with his new kicks that Amy got the boys. We have been spending a great deal of time next door at the Guthries as they graciously offered their house while we went through the house showing process over the past month. Thanks to Chad for the good shots he snapped below.

We look forward to Nana and Granddaddy's visit as they fly into North Cackalackee tonight. It should be a great time for grandparents and grandsons to bond again, and Amy & I will gladly use the helping hands as we prepare for a weekend of painting & pulling up carpet at the new abode.

We'll check in soon. Cheers!

"Can MacKay come out and play? Pretty please???"

"Chad, Claudia, I'm not sure if you knew this but there is a turtle on your porch."

"Pass the chips and the remote please."

The Guthries house is a favorite play spot with rocks, sticks, steps, and dogs.

As Chad and Derek frequently take care of the boys, Claudia and Amy can frequently be seen socializing in the street. The only thing missing here is the bevvie in hand. ;-)

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