Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The boys are starting to move about much more. They like to sit up, stand (with help) and bang on the table, and scoot across the floor. Owen is quite mobile with the army crawl. We keep waiting for them to start crawling any day.

The boys are up to stage three baby foods -- chunkier portions of vegetables and fruits. I got brave on Sunday and tried to feed them real oatmeal. It was too much too fast as I had my first experience with infant projectile vomiting. Graduating to finger foods and solids with more texture can be an alarming experience for first-time parents. I try not to be too worried when they hack and gag, but at the same time you can't help but be a little concerned. They're catching on though.

Owen has replaced Gus as our big eater. He's like Mikey on the Life cereal commercials -- kid will eat anything. Sweet potatoes, green beans, any fruit, oatmeal, you name it. Gus has developed a bit of a finicky palate for certain foods. He has the act of turning his head right as the spoon arrives to his mouth down to an art form. Apple juice though is quite popular with him though. Gus turns up the juice cup and matter-of-factly shrugs it off when he gets too big a gulp and coughs. Owen still hasn't figured out the sippy cup -- he just gnaws on it from all angles.

Finally, Owen's favorite new game is to drop things from his high chair. Toys and cups make quite the racket, and he loves it. The funniest part is that he closes his eyes right before he drops something as he prepares for the loud bang. Then he laughs and shrieks until we pick it back up. Fantastic game, let me tell you.


"What's happenin' baby?"

The G grin.

Owen -- tired of having his toys taken from him by his brother -- practices his craft of ear swiping on Gus.

Owen with a big gummy grin.

Gus rejoices that he has both pacifiers and will never share again.

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gj said...

Love the pictures!! I can't believe how clear the pictures are with your nes camera! The boys are sure growing and changing (I know, isn't that what they are suppose to do?)What fun to watch as they become more aware of their capabilities! Enjoy!