Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rough and Tumble

Well we had our first legitimate parenting scare this week. Tuesday morning I was changing Owen business as usual. When I was finished with him I made my way over to change Gus in his crib. I happened to look back over my shoulder at Owen and was greeted with the horrific sight of Owen falling head-first out of his crib onto the floor. He landed on the top of his forehead and immediately started screaming. It was pretty frantic watching the whole thing happen right before me. It's like one of those things people talk about that happens to them where they recall it in slow motion. That's exactly how it was for me watching him tumble over the side.

Owen took it much, much better than Amy and me. He was consoled within a minute. Amy & I were shaking for a few minutes thinking what could have been and vowing never to forget to put the crib rail up on its highest setting again. I wanted to go a step further and put the boys in padded suits until they turn 18, but Amy talked me out of it.

So the little monster is completely fine thankfully. He was rolling about shrieking with delight at the sight of the dog by yesterday morning. C.E. reminded me that my grandmother Ga Ga used to say, "A child that doesn't fall out of his crib by the time he's one year old isn't going to live very long."

Gus is hoping that Owen's spill counts as one in his column too. (As are his mom and dad.) :-)

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Nana said...

There will be lots of falls and bumps....Kids are 'tough' but it's always hard on the parents !!!