Sunday, February 12, 2006

Aunt Mel and Uncle Dude

This weekend the boys got to see their Aunt Melanie and Uncle Roman (aka Uncle Dude) as Mel, Roman and their two dogs traveled up from Charleston, SC for a visit. It was the first time the boys had seen Melanie since the pumpkin carving extravaganza in October and the first time they'd seen Uncle Dude since the boys' Incubator 2005 tour back in May. So there was a lot of catching up to do, and we didn't waste any time. The visit was great, and we have already the return trip to Charleston planned for March. Cheers!

Roman, Owen, Melanie & Gus (who looks like someone stole his last toy on earth)

Aunt Mel and her nephews

Owen dives in for a mouthful of Chloe's face

We're not sure which was more fun in this scene -- watching Gus merrily bounce in his jumper or watching Melanie on the floor coaxing him on.

Gus borrows his Uncle Dude's hat.

Roman plays Tailgunner with Owen; Gus soars in an Aunt Mel aeroplane.

Chloe, Tera, Melanie & Owen crash for a short winter's nap.

The boys weren't quite sure what to think of Mel the Jester (I hid the laundry basket for the weekend to prevent the nuttiness from getting out of hand).

"Aw man, Chloe's taking up the whole dog bed."

Chilling at breakfast time.

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