Thursday, May 22, 2008


Cool article in the NYT about a town near and dear to us, Amy's hometown of Paducah, Kentucky.

"How Artists Saved Paducah, Kentucky"

But what’s most significant about Paducah is that it has become the model of how a rundown town can revive itself with the arts — and it’s done so in a big-box-retail-loving red state, no less. ‘‘I think of Paducah as a kind of a poster child for using a very creative initiative around older small buildings,’’ says Ann Markusen, a professor at the University of Minnesota and an expert in regional economics. ‘‘Artists are putting their own sweat equity into Paducah.’’

Hat tip to Mike O'D for the link...


a said...

Three cheers for Paducah! Love that Jackson Purchase.

And Paducah really has done some fantastic things. I remember when Kentucky Oaks Mall came in out by the interstate, and downtown just DIED. It is so great to go back home and see it thriving.

Thanks for pointing out this article. I hadn't seen it.

- Amanda Moore

Anonymous said...

Great article!! Good incentive for many areas! GJ