Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giraffe Riding

The weekend and Mother's Day didn't exactly go as Amy & I planned. I returned from Las Vegas bringing a nasty stomach bug back with me which confined me to the bed all day Saturday and a good part of Sunday. (Whatever happened to "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas???") Mother's Day was a rainy, stay inside sort of day for Amy which is a challenge with little ones anyway, much less with a whiny sick husband to take care of on top of it. So we decided to make up for the lost weekend and take a day off to take the kids to the zoo.

We have been to the zoo with the boys a few times now and every time they seem to get more and more excited about it. Today was no exception as we told the boys at breakfast that we were going to the zoo tomorrow. You would have thought we told them that they would only have to eat chocolate for the rest of their lives and could watch Handy Manny all night instead of going to bed. Needless to say, the boys were stoked.

"That makes me very, very, very happy," Gus happily announced.

On the drive to school Owen wanted to know the list of animals that would be there -- lions, tigers, bears, polar bears, alligators, you name it. He went through them all. When Amy picked the boys up this afternoon, their teachers asked, "Are you all perhaps going to the zoo? I hope so, because the boys told everyone about it and are pretty excited."

As the day wore on apparently the excitement built in their three year-old minds from going to the zoo to actually getting to ride the animals at the zoo. Gus happily reported that not only was he going to see the giraffes with the long, long necks, but that he was going to ride the giraffes.

So tomorrow we make up for a lost weekend and head to the zoo with two jubilant boys. Dorothy will be coming with us so it will be Tess's first zoo experience. We'll see how the giraffe riding plays out.

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