Thursday, October 12, 2006

Guilty Pleasures of a Suburban Father

Having worn out the last few CD's I purchased months ago -- Pearl Jam, Gomez, & Josh Rouse -- I have been craving some new music of late. However, having devoting all of my waking hours to work, twin boys, buying/selling/painting houses lately I have not had the time to listen to any new music, much less buy any music.

So earlier this week my interest was piqued as Amy & I decided we were going to catch up on back episodes of our favorite two TV shows -- The Office and CSI. In the CSI season premiere there was a scene at the end of the episode where John Mayer was playing at a bar when CSI Catherine Willows gets drugged and abducted. Now I have never given John Mayer much more than a minute of consideration other than the occasional chastising comment to myself for allowing one of his songs to get stuck in my head. You know how that happens -- when you hear something on the radio and the next thing you know you're singing that song for the next eleven hours. Well after finally taking some time to mindless rest & watch some CSI the other night, I found myself completely digging John Mayer -- he of the teenybopper, screaming high school girl fame -- and the new song he was singing.

The next thing I know I'm asking friends of mine if it's ok for a 32-year old male to like John Mayer songs. After receiving many chastising comments and a few lukewarm reassurances, I bought the new John Mayer CD yesterday. (Actually, I must confess I bribed Amy to buy it when she ran an errand with the boys yesterday.)

So as if it were not official before, I am now officially a suburban dad -- a minivan-driving, listening to music played by twentysomethings, wishing his yard looked better, stroller-lugging suburban dad. Oh well -- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. ;-)


If you see me with a copy of this guy's CD or taking his kids to a Clay Aiken concert, you officially have permission to run me over. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, now....I'm a father too. I will tell you that having been dragged to concerts by both guys,(initially) I will tell you I have every intention of going to a Clay aiken concert again. An entertainer for sure. I've been to many concerts in my time and never have I wanted to see one again immediatly after one ending.....and so I did. Don't make up your mind on one then discard the other. give it a chance.

Anonymous said...

If you want to listen to new music let me know -- I can find something that you'll like more than that Mayer stuff.


Anonymous said...

Next is Jack Johnson... I do like that one song he does... you know, the really mellow one... where he sings real quietly... the one that's good to chill out to... you know, the mellow one...

Beck has a new disc out now, so just don't go too mainstream on us, DR.