Monday, October 23, 2006

Eight Guys and a Truck

The marathon moving weekend began on Friday with the loading and unloading of a 26-foot U-Haul behemoth and concluded when Chad & I unloaded the last of the dining room furniture on a dreary, rainy Sunday afternoon. Along the way friends and family helped us moved appliances, boxes, beds, the whole nine yards including three refrigerators four different times. Engineers we were not, but bound and determined we certainly were as we disassembled two fridges after putting our heads together on how to get them in and out of houses. I also gained a new respect for people who drive massive trucks for a living. I ran over a post with the U-Haul causing a traffic jam at the dump. I have never been so stressed driving a vehicle in my life.

The move has been a long, draining process that has spanned four weeks. Yet we are very fortunate and appreciative of all the help we have received from both sets of parents and a host of our friends who have invested their time & energy into helping us make the move much easier. We are truly grateful. Now our life is essentially a plethora of boxes to sort through in the coming weeks. But at least those boxes are under one roof and we won't have to shuffle back and forth from house to house.

Here were some shots of the move and the aftermath. Cheers!

The boys immediately relished their new playroom as they now have room to push their trucks and tractors, spread out their books, and pounce on their stuffed monkey. Free at last.

Pappy entertains the boys with Cinnamon Life cereal -- a Rutledge boy favorite -- and silly stories.

The moving crew pauses in front of an empty U-Haul for some hops & barley celebratory refreshment. (Pappy, GJ, Chad, Claudia, and Amy not pictured despite all their efforts.)

Sadly enough, our house TV didn't survive the move. We didn't drop it in the process, but there are now fuzzy lines across it and the picture is blurry. Amy thinks it was just a ploy to upgrade to a new HDTV for the living room. I'm shocked and appalled at the implication. ;-) As the sage Chad Guthrie pointed out, "Think of the children, Amy. Do you want them to grow up with impaired vision because of a shoddy TV?" Such wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Question... is the UK flag mounted outside yet?


Derek said...

Not yet, but basketball season is nearly here. I did meet a Tennessee Vol fan from down the street last night. There goes the neighborhood. ;-)


dd said...

Beware of the gators. they are pre-season #1. We are led by our Super Model Mr. Noah.