Wednesday, August 09, 2006

House Update II

Well, we did it. Amy & I sold our house on our own in six days. What a process that was (and will continue to be for the next six weeks I'm sure). We ended up selling the house to the first couple that placed an offer. But even though the house went to the first bidder Amy & I feel really good about the price we got.

So now we go onto the next set of hurdles -- house inspections, more negotiations, repairs, finding another place to move to by the end of September. Easy, stress-free stuff. ;-) But we are over the first big hurdle. We owe a lot of thank you's to people: Melanie for helping out with the boys while we got the house ready to go on the market, Chad & Claudia for loaning their house to us at a moment's notice, Darrin D for offering up his house for table storage. Not to mention all the phone calls to family & friends for frequent pick-me-up's and advice. We are very grateful, very excited, and a little nervous all at once. What a day!



Ashley said...

Congratulations!!! Know you are excited to find out what the future holds!

Amanda Moore said...

Congratulations! That is huge. I'm amazed that you sold your house so quickly -- houses here in our little town stay on the market for months (with no reduction in price -- go figure).

Great news!

Anonymous said...


I know the Kronos Ln. era was important for you, so congrats on this huge news. Nice work!

I may fly down and T.P. your yard just to give you a good send-off.

Good luck with the upcoming move. I can recommend a good box factory if you want...

"How can ace be one AND eleven??"


Chad said...

It had to be the charm and sophistication eminating from your neighbor's house that clinched the deal. Must be.