Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Riddance... this past week. With the disappointment over losing the contract on our current house this past week, we gladly ushered in the weekend. Even with the frustrating turn of events, we managed to end the week on a high note. Friday was a night like old times with Chad, Claudia and a bottle of wine on the deck discussing the ways of the world. It was a shot in the arm that Amy & I both needed. Saturday we got to take the boys to a pool party where they feasted on their first potato chips and ice cream sandwiches. And today the naps were abbreviated as we had an afternoon house showing. So we packed the boys up and invaded the house of our friends Brian, Kelly & Gracen Wise. It was a good catch-up visit and a relaxing way to conclude a good weekend.

Realizing that we have been going full force and have not stopped to post many pix and stories of the boys, here are a few updates.

Gus has entered the headbutt phase. He always gives a warning shot look before leaning in and going for the headbutt as shown here. Along with the little biting streak he is also on, we are wondering where he gets his action hero violent streak. (my bet is from Amy of course) ;-)

The workbench has been a popular addition to the play rotation at our house. Nails and screws, hammers and screwdrivers, the boys enjoy banging away at it. Talking on the workbench telephone is also an added bonus.

Owen is still content to crawl as his mode of transportation and refuses to walk solo. He is happy as he can be pushing his little trucks around the house. We thought seeing Gus walk around would make Owen want to let go and join the ranks of the upright and mobile. But to each his own -- he'll walk when he's good and ready we suppose.

Gus's latest fashion craze is the scarf. He drapes it around his neck and prances around the house looking for an audience. He is happy....

....until the front door closes and no audience to perform to. Tis tough on a young lad when the curtain closes and there are still songs to be sung.


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