Monday, July 17, 2006

Weigh-in's, Peacekeeping, and a Muzzle

Today was the boys' fifteen month checkup. They are still lagging behind a little bit in some areas since they were young thirty-three weekers at birth. But the doctor was very encouraged by the progress the boys are making. We discovered Owen has a large head as his head circumference is in the 92nd percentile of children his age. This was encouraging for two reasons -- one, it explains why he has a conniption fit when we put shirts on him; and two, it gives us hope that his brain will grow to superhuman size enabling him to evolve into one of his generation's greatest thinkers. Ok, maybe we should stick with the shirt explanation. Young Gus on the other hand is a little taller & weighs more. He is up to 22.5 pounds and 31.5 inches long -- his height is in the 70th percentile (still not sure where he gets this). ;-)

Gus is building up his courage to walk more frequently. He will now take steps on his own if he sees something he wants. We think Owen will follow suit very shortly, especially after he sees his brother moving about with more mobility.

Our latest role as parents is playing Kofi Annan. Granted having two boys the same age Amy & I knew we would have to play peacekeeper; we just didn't know it would start so early. Gus is usually the culprit as he enjoys tackling Owen to the ground, usually when Owen has control of the baby walker. Being the little stinker he is, Gus will then look at us after Owen crashes to the floor knowing the reprimand is coming. He bats his eyes and hugs his brother. It's as if he is saying, "Yeah Mom & Dad, I know I wasn't supposed to take Owen's feet out from under him and I know his head hit the floor pretty hard, but I really do love him." I'd say we're in for 17, 18 years of fun.

Finally, continuing in the aggression vein, Gus has developed a lovely little biting habit. Exhibit A occurred as we sat in the pediatrician's office today. The doctor was examining Owen as Amy held him, and I was letting Gus crawl about the room. Owen was rather fussy as he was being poked and prodded, and Gus decided he wanted some attention. So he proceeded to pull himself up to the chair I was sitting in, opened his mouth, and bit me right in the cojones. Fun times. Exhibit B took place once we returned home. The boys were playing on the kitchen floor as Amy & I cooked dinner. The next thing we hear is Owen belting out a good scream as his face turned beet red. Gus -- with his head pressed against his brother signifying a hug -- looked at us as if he had done nothing wrong. Of course he had locked his jaws down on Owen's wrist as the teethmarks gave Gus away. More fun times.

So as a result we are in the market for a good dog muzzle for our youngest child, Gus Edward Rutledge, age 15 months. Some examples of models are included below. Gus's favorite color is blue.


Owen shows off his tattoo of Gus's incisors

The culprit: May be the last time this young boy is photographed without a muzzle until he's 12.

Available at, $15/each. Any future Rutledge children thank you in advance.


gak said...

That pic reminds of Back to the Future when Calvin Klein tells the uncle, "Better get used to those bars, kid!" LOL.

Anonymous said...

Did you require stitches? Also, a third upside to Owen's big head: it will enable him to deliver a crippling Zidane move when he plays youth soccer. He will knock them down, and then Gus will come and bite them when they are on the ground. The Rutledge brothers will be feared by all...