Monday, July 24, 2006

Grandparent Fix

The Rutledge crew was treated to a visit from C.E. and Jane, aka Pappy and GJ last week. The grandparents were on a tour of the southeast, visiting Melanie and Roman (and future grandchild) in Charleston then trekking to Raleigh to see Amy, the boys and me. The visit was a bit of work -- hopefully we didn't throw Pappy's back out -- and a lot of play. Amy & I even got a date night out of the house complete with dinner and a play while the grandparents watched the boys. Owen continued to come out of his shell and did fine away from Amy. Gus continued to milk his cheeky grin for all it's worth. A great time was had by all.

Some highlights & pix:

  • Dinner at the pizza parlor
  • Sand & swings at the kids' park
  • Amy's sweet potato nachos
  • Late night chats on the patio
  • House hunting
  • The Last Night of Ballyhoo
  • Bath night and GJ's bedtime stories
  • Pappy's french toast
  • Painting on ladders
  • Yuengling & Russian WWII war medals
  • Ka-bobs, Bombay, and unwinding with the neighbors

At Kids Together Park, Owen shows Pappy how to properly shovel sand.

Gus leads the way to the swings with GJ.

Grandparents and grandsons peer from a house in the sandbox.

The Rutledges happily enlisted the services of Pappy Van Gogh to help finish the painting in those hard to reach places. Doo-rag sold separately.

We let Pappy relax a bit too amid his home improvement work, including riveting games of 'slap the table' with Owen.


Brooke said...

looks like you boys are having a ball!

Nana said...

Cute pictures. Sounds like everyone had a great time.