Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Salter Path

Team Rutledge packed the van with six months worth of supplies and the kitchen sink this past weekend for a two-day trek to the unique village of Salter Path, North Carolina. Salter Path is home to our neighbor Chad Guthrie's family and is where Chad grew up. With the Guthries as the navigators of our caravan, we ventured with dogs and babies down east to the Bogue Banks to celebrate birthdays and get away for some much needed R&R.

Douglas and Kathy, Chad's parents, have an incredible spot at the beach where they have lived for over 30 years. Their lot is over an acre in size and is dotted with knotty live oak trees and lush vegetation. They welcomed us by opening up their home, smoking a pig, and giving us some great history on how the area was settled. We also got some great scoop on Chad with some quality growing-up stories that Amy, Claudia and I will no doubt use against him in the future.

The weekend was a great getaway spent with great folks. We hope to get back down for a visit in the future.

Claudia & Chad enjoy a cool Saturday morning.

The crew relaxes on the front porch -- (seated clockwise) Kathy, Douglas (with boys), Claudia (with McKay), and (standing) Amy

Chef Douglas masters the cooker and smokes a pig for the upcoming birthday festivities.

Pied Piper Claudia leads the kids around the yard -- Owen, Gus, and Lucy in the wagon as Max supervises.

Gus pleads to be let outside with the dogs with his best pig-nose face.

Gus sports the shades for his first trip into the ocean. It was all good until he got his first mouthful of saltwater.

Owen practices his sand crab imitation.

Claudia and Gus chill out and ponder why they don't go to the beach more often.

The Rutledges pose for a family shot at the beach.

After chasing dogs and birds, running down the beach, and making sure everyone was in their right spot, Tucker crashes in the driveway for a well-deserved nap.

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Nana said...

Looks like everyone had a great weekend.