Sunday, May 14, 2006

Back to the Bluegrass

This is coming a few weeks late but what a great time the boys and I had visiting family in Paducah, Clarksville and Franklin, TN. We enjoyed playing on the playground, purple shirt day, watching monkeys at the Rain Forest Cafe, attending Derby Day at the football field, watching soccer practice with Granddaddy coaching, eating BBQ and birthday cake, fajitas in Franklin for Cinco de Mayo, parading through the neighborhood with Mason playing guitar, sitting on the back porch as Gus discovered leaves... I could go on and on.

As a side note, when we left KY last Sept my mom ended up with a ruptured disc in her back and my sister had the same thing in her neck after this visit. I feel a need to establish a playtime limit next visit so nobody gets hurt. Ha! Thanks for the hospitality while we were there.

Uncle Ken shows the boys the art of digging in a birthday cake.

Granddaddy gets a workout on the slide.

The boys show Uncle Scott how to check the oil in the car.

Granny and Aunt Kay are impressed by the amount of food these boys can eat.

Gus has a 'ball' with Aunt Ashley.

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Ashley said...

Is the green cup in the car or on a boy's head today? We sure had a fun visit.

We saw a picture of Owen and Gus taken on Derby Day hanging in the school hallway. We went to the Flat Stanley party this morning. Sounds like he had a good time in NC! Maybe you can put those pictures on the blog for everyone to see. The kids at school liked the part about Stanley getting in the stroller and hiding under the couch. They also laughed at Derek having skinny legs and the bears playing with the trash cans. You did a great job!