Monday, March 27, 2006

The Joy of Elmo

Amy recently came home with a singing Elmo doll. Chalk this up as #927 on the list things I said I'd never do but have since reconsidered after having kids.

For a goofy singing Sesame Street character, Elmo has been a HUGE hit in our house. I don't know what it is, but something about Elmo resonates with the kids. Owen beams from ear to ear, closing his eyes and laughing every time we hit the button to make Elmo sing & dance. Gus doesn't get quite the kick out of it that Owen does, but he is still a fan.

I just hope Amy & I don't cave and get a talking Barney in the house someday. ;-)

One happy Elmo-loving little character right here.


Ashley & Scott said...

We love the video!!! Scott and I laughed out loud with this one! We didn't think we would be Barney fans when our kids were little either, but we were in the end. Before you know it, you will have multiple Barney's in your house, and you will be the one pushing the button to make it sing or talk! You have to do crazy things sometimes to keep your kids happy!

Anonymous said...

The boys were the hit of the office today. I've shown the video to everyone who came in. Stinkers, extraordinaire. Pappy