Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hometown Hero

Glasgow, Kentucky's own Brandon Stockton proved the hero last night at the end of a must-win game for Kentucky over Tennessee. His dive on the floor in the final seconds to cause a loose ball took the ball out of Tennessee's hands and helped seal the win for the Cats. My friends here in NC give me a hard time about Stockton because I've been known to tell them a time or twelve that he is from the metropolis of Glasgow -- better known as Glass-cow to national announcers or Grassgrow to a buddy from Louisville. Well last night was vindication for the seldom used former Scottie. In a season filled with turmoil where more talented players have had run-ins with Tubby Smith, the coach has turned to his heady senior in the past five games to level set his team on his expectations of playing team basketball. It was a gutsy, gutsy move by Tubby that has paid off.

What a game last night -- great for Kentucky, great for the border rivalry with a very good Tennessee team, and great for the SEC. Hopefully the Cats jumped off that bubble.

Here is the final 0:08 which culminates with a Brandon-Tubby chest bump at midcourt. Awesome!


Granddaddy said...

He saved you from getting a phone call from "Rocky Top"

Derek said...

I must admit I was surprised I didn't get the call after Lofton erupted on them in Lexington.

Aren't you glad I led with 'Hometown Hero' instead of 'Nothing Sucks Like a Big Orange?'



Danny said...

I think this says it all: