Monday, September 12, 2005

Picnics, Ducks & Andy Griffith

Last week when I had a break from convicting chihuahua assassins Amy & I took time out to meet for a lunchtime picnic. We met at Pullen Park in Raleigh which was the first public park in North Carolina. The place is gorgeous, with a small lake, paddle boats, trails, a train for kids, and a carousel originally built in 1920. Being transplants, Amy & I often don't know enough about the history of Raleigh so it's good to get to a place like Pullen and learn about it.

The boys enjoyed being out in the fresh air as the heat of summer has started to break here. They mimicked their home behavior by waiting right until we sat down to eat to practice their dual shrieking banshee impersonations. At least other people at the park got to share in it.

Dad & Owen stop for a (rare) pose.

Amy & Gus hunt for wild, rare ducks.

Gus practices his "please take me home with you" look.

North Carolinians love their Andy Griffith, so much that they erected a statue of Andy & Opie. Side note -- in the 2000 race for governor here, a close election was blown open when our governor ran an ad with himself and Andy Griffith. He won the election going away. Moral: Get the Andy Griffith endorsement and you'll go far.

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