Monday, September 12, 2005

Mills vs. Ophelia

On Friday we were lucky to be visited by two dear friends, Jeff and Janet Mills from Louisville. They stopped in for the night on their way down to Charleston for some R&R. It was the first meeting with Owen & Gus and the first time Janet had been to NC to see us. It was a relaxing time filled with Amy's quesadillas, homemade peach salsa, Belgian ale, and good conversation.

Jeff and Janet were cautiously watching The Weather Channel to keep an eye on Hurricane Ophelia reports. Initially the forecasters projected Ophelia sweeping directly over Charleston. By the time they left on Saturday though, the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm and appeared to be headed north -- good news for our friends (and family who live in Charleston), potentially bad news for the Outer Banks portion of our state.

Nothing like time with old friends for a shot of rejuvenation.

Janet chills out with Gus and Tucker.

Jeff experiences first hand the writhing contortions of Owen.

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