Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dan the Man

This weekend we got to spend some quality time with our dear friend Dan Wilkerson. Dan was the best man in our wedding, and just returned in April from a four-month stint in Iraq helping out with the elections there. I picked Dan up from the airport on Thursday where he was returning to the states from Istanbul, Turkey where he had been visiting his brother the past ten days.

Dan was a trooper stepping into an environment with two ten-week olds who are going through quite a fussy stage right now. Despite the noise from the boys and a bizarre early Saturday morning waking from the Orkin man, we managed to veg with some guitar, movies, and a Bulgarian beer with a name we couldn't pronounce.


gak said...

Those are the two handsomest fellas I've seen in a long time! I'd like to hang out and hear "Breakfast Bar Baby" again!

Will Chinn said...

Welcome back Dan! Good to see you doing well.

PS me and Beast are going to come down soon to reunite the Fantastic Four of Wintergarden.

I hope everyone is doing well. The twins are looking great!