Thursday, July 16, 2009

Key Cats

So the boys are back in Kentucky about to finish up their Bluegrass Adventure in Glasgow and Paducah. Meanwhile, Amy & I have discovered what it was like to have one child -- a different experience than the chaotic house we normally inhabit, but it's still parenting.

In her brothers' absence, Tess has filled up the attention vacuum. Part of it may be Tess relishing her chance to shine and get attention. The other part may just be a (near) eighteen-month-old seeking out her independence.

Either way, Tess will probably be happy when her brothers return to North Carolina. In the meantime, Harper has gotten some more (unwanted?) attention.



a said...

So funny -- our kids just got back from a Glasgow/Paducah trip to the grandparents' too!

- Amanda M.

ashley said...

Miss Tess is such a sweetheart!!! Glad we were able to make the trip to NC!!! Miss all of you already!!!

Gavin said...

I sure had fun in NC!!!