Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Town Hall: Live Blog

Here we go...

Got in late from a meeting. But I made it. We have Amy on the couch, GJ next to her with her knitting, pets glued to the tube, and yours truly.

Brokaw moderating. And the hands have been shaken.

Economics kicking off the night. How does the little guy get bailed out?

McCain: "Senator Obama, it's good to see you at a town hall." Good line.

McCain: Eight "My friends..." so far. Drink.

Warren Buffet for Treasury Secretary. Here we go with a difference -- does economic growth trickle down from the top or do you grow it from the bottom/middle up? I hope we keep talking about this and not about Ayers, Keating, etc.

Tonight's debate is sponsored by Avery India Pale Ale. 69 IBU's of tasty refreshment. Cheers!
(Shameless plug again. Brewers email me at my link on this page for my shipping address.)

McCain trying to come across as this great economic visionary -- it's not selling very well.

Both candidates are practicing empathy here -- trying to relate to the voter's cynicism about either party being able to fix the economic mess. And then they both attack...

McCain: Obama approved $1M for a planetarium projector. (No mention about a certain bridge to a certain island.)

Brokaw trying to keep these two candidates to 1-minute answers is like herding cats.


Great email question -- what should Americans sacrifice besides brave American soldiers lives?

Sigh, McCain missing the mark -- earmarks.

Need a bigger more transcendent answer here.

Obama: Good line about using a scalpel instead of a hatchet to cut the federal budget.

McCain just said he wasn't going to give tax breaks to the rich -- that he was leaving their tax rates unchanged and giving middle class tax cuts.

Not true.

He does support tax cuts for middle income brackets -- as Obama does -- but he gives a higher percentage tax break to the highest income brackets.


Obama trying to tie this to an economic breakthrough like the computer.

Tom Brokaw fussing at them for not sticking to time limits. Enough already. 1 minute isn't enough for these two ramblers.

Health care...Obama with a very wonk-y answer here.

McCain: Obama will fine you if you don't get your kids insurance under his plan. Huh?

Brokaw with a good question:

Is health care in America a right, a privilege, or a responsibility?

McCain: Responsibility
Obama: Right

Obama doctrine & McCain doctrine -- should U.S. Military be used when national security interests are not at stake? Good question from Brokaw.

Obama: may not have national security interests but we have moral obligations to intervene in some but not all situations.
McCain: Obama was wrong on Iraq. (Reagan "my hero" -- drink.)

Should US invade Pakistan to pursue Al Queda?

Obama: Blames decision to go into Iraq for the reason AQ is building up again in Pakistan in the first place.

McCain is going to try to beat Obama up on stating that we could invade them. He did this in the first debate.

McCain: "I'll get Bin Laden. I know how to get him. I'll get him."

Oh really?

12 minutes to go....

I don't know why they are even talking about Russia. Palin has that one covered.

Would you wait for U.N. Security Council approval before sending troops to support Isreal if Iran attacked them?

McCain: No way.
Obama: Don't let Iran get the nuke. Won't take military option off the table. Have to work with other countries to prevent that from happening.

Last question...

What don't you know and how will you learn it?

Great question.

There is too much I don't know to list here. Things I do know: Avery IPA is a very tasty India Pale and Obama won this debate.

(Yes, I'm a shameless Obama supporter. At the very least, McCain didn't do what he had to do to erase Obama's lead in this campaign, and this debate was a draw.)



Roamin' said...

no open mic's on the greeting, hmmmm I wonder why?

Roamin' said...

John Mccain talks about cronyism with obama?

Roamin' said...

"what's in the rescue package for you" nice way to answer the question Obama

Roamin' said...

two years ago I don't think Burnanke was in their, wasn't it still Greenspan???
Did Obama mess up?

Derek said...

McCain in attack mode on Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac. Here we go...

Roamin' said...

my iddle class a** is sponsored by Miller high life. The Champagne of Beers

Roamin' said...

Worked on Campaign finance reform but did not adhere to it!

Derek said...

Ah the High Life.

For the record I'm mortgaging my kids' future borrowing from China to support my microbrew habit.

Derek said...

What are your priorities?

Obama: Great answer for #1 with energy but he rambled too long before getting to #2 (health care), & #3 (education).

At least he answered the question though....

Roamin' said...

good question: what will you sacrifice?
Answer: My liver, did I mention I was drinking High Life?

Derek said...


I really feel McCain missed the mark. Needed a big, macro, philosophical answer.

Obama criticizing Bush about the "Go out and spend" response to 9/11, but doesn't really nail it either.

Derek said...

Ok, at least he brought it home to "weatherizing" your home, energy efficiency, service for young people.

He got it, but it took him too long to get there. The philosopher in him had to get warmed up.

Anonymous said...

Obama crushed McCain on the sacrifice question. McCain rambled about government spending while Obama spoke to what citizens can do.


Roamin' said...

Obama: "...High on the Hog" Careful.. is he talking about Palin again???

Roamin' said...

ronald reagan-drink

Derek said...

Environmental question.

Something tells me McCain is going to "reach across the aisle" or be a "maverick."

Drink, and drink.

Derek said...

Joe Lieberman.

Hold your nose & drink.

Roamin' said...

Good environmental question. McCain takes first stab...
Nuclear power?
safe?, maybe,
clean?, Maybe,
Scary, Hell yes

Derek said...

Check out the differences in the demeanor of these two.

Roamin' said...

McCain's lame attempt at a joke- did NOT work. Someone needs to work on his delivery

Roamin' said...

McCain voted againse C.H.I.P???
That mean, stinky old man

Roamin' said...

Obama obviously oesn' give a damn about the time limits. Brokaw is really straining to get them to truncate their answers

Derek said...

McCain: "Did you hear the size of the fine?"

Granted I'm a shameless Obama supporter but that came across as cranky.

Roamin' said...

Obama got to the respect in the world (or waning respect) argument. this was needed!!!!

Roamin' said...

Did you know McCain was a Vet? Drink

Derek said...

Which hero is it, Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt?

Roamin' said...

Will you go into Pakistan to attack Al Qaeda strongholds?

Obama: yes but not after serious negotiations/diplomacy/sanctions

McCain: No, wink,wink, nudge, nudge, get my drift?

Roamin' said...

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, -Bomb, Bomb Iran-
Been waiting for that one since the start of the last debate

Roamin' said...

Telegraph his punches??? McCain is out of touch with technology-oops my pager just went off

Derek said...

Was this billed as a domestic policy debate or a domestic + foreign policy debate?

Derek said...

McCain doesn't use "the email."

Derek said...

He did invent the Blackberry though.

Roamin' said...

McCain: "We are not going to have another cold war with russia"

My magic 8-ball: "Future is unclear, try again later"

Roamin' said...

Palin as well as her fellow Alaskans keep an eye out every morning over coffee and caribou sausage

Roamin' said...

Does McCain believ that we need to distribute more maps too.

Roamin' said...

Mccains other hero: Bush sr. "Stay the course" "steady hand on the tiller"
I also believe this was a victory for Obama simply because it was a draw. McCain needed to really hammer Obama and make him "stagger"-Didn't happen
What I can tell you about High life is that its bloating, gives me bad breath, and highly addictive- I'm on number 8,