Monday, August 18, 2008

It's in the Mail

Hat tip to my buddy Scott K. for this find.

"Postal carrier pleads guilty to delaying mail"
Steven Padgett, of Raleigh, was a veteran mail carrier, employed with the postal service since 1995, and began an Apex route in 2001.

Recently, a utility worker spotted a large amount of mail in postal boxes at his home. The postal service was contacted and agents from the U.S. Postal Services' Inspector General's Office went to Padgett's house. On May 6, they discovered dozens of mail pallets stacked to the top of his garage and filled with third-class mailings, mainly store circulars and coupons.

Padgett had been under pressure to deliver all his mail in a timely manner and began skipping the sorting of junk mail in order to save time, his lawyer Andrew McCoppin said.

Personally I think this guy should get a medal and is welcome to deliver mail to my house any day.


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