Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Skosh of Snow

Well, winter came and went this weekend with a half-inch dusting of snow for us in the Triangle. On Friday night the weather forecasters were calling for up to 4 inches of snow. I don't know who was more excited -- Amy & I or the boys. We had the boys all worked up with stories about playing in the snow the next day. But by the time we woke up on Saturday morning the forecasters had downgraded their estimates as the storm moved east of us. Oh well, we did get to see snow come down for a few hours towards the end of the day which was pretty. We woke the boys up from their naps to go outside and play in it, knowing that this could very well be the only snow we see this season. Regardless of the light amount, we had fun outside in the frozen stuff.

Gus was happy to go outside and play in the snow, namely because he got to prance around in his Diego hat & mittens, his mom's scarf, and his new blue lizard boots.

Owen took the more traditional route in terms of attire, but still had quite the time running around stomping on the snow. "We need more snow, Dad, we need more snow." Indeed we did.

Even the expectant mother braved the elements and got out in the snow for a few minutes. Amy B. has surpassed the 36 week mark, getting a great report from the doctor this week. The baby is head down, and the doctors have told Amy they won't stop labor from here on out. Our hospital bag is packed & list of phone numbers to call is ready to go. Our biggest challenge now is to try to keep enough Honeycomb in the house for Amy's twice-daily craving. (Stock tip -- buy stock in Post cereals from here until Valentine's Day.)


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ashley said...

Great pictures! We have been wondering how Amy is looking now. Tell Owen and Gus that we are supposed to get some snow tonight.