Saturday, August 04, 2007

Heat Wave

It is miserably hot here in central North Carolina as with many places across the country right now. It's August -- the dog days of summer are upon us. Today the heat index is over 100 degrees with no end in sight.

Our crew is basically stuck in the house except for the mornings before the sun heats up or the evenings when the sun goes in. So we tend to find inside things to occupy our time as of late -- for example watching hummingbirds. It is a treat for the boys to help clean out the hummingbird feeder and fill it back up. Then we watch and wait.

The feeder has become quite the center of activity. Hummingbirds stock up on the sugar and battle each other for feeding position. We humans marvel at their determination -- from the air conditioned indoors. Stay cool.

The lookout, on guard against rival birds getting a taste of food...

...and when one comes in for a sneak food attack, the lookout pounces.

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Anonymous said...

Great photography!!! Do you have a second calling??? Stay cool. gj