Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Tale of Two Vacations

As some of you may know Amy & I had quite an experience over the Memorial Day weekend during our visit to Charleston. We went down to visit Aunt Mel, Uncle Dude, Baby Corinne, GJ and Pappy for a long weekend getaway at the beach.

We had good days on Wednesday and Thursday as we got to play in the sand and the water at the beach, at a local park, and at Melanie and Roman's house with young Corinne and all the dogs. Then on Friday after we arrived back at the beach house from breakfast Gus fell off some steps about 5 feet onto concrete and hit his head. The paramedics took him to the emergency room where a cat scan revealed a small patch of blood on the left side of his brain from the fall. Gus had symptoms of a concussion as well -- vomiting, irritability, etc. Amy and I stayed with him at the hospital in the pediatric ICU unit that day and the next for observation, and he was released Saturday evening. Unfortunately his vomiting persisted and he got dehydrated so we had to take him back to the emergency room on Sunday for a follow-up scan and IV fluids. The scan came back with good news as the blood had dissipated so we mainly dealt with the prolonged effects of the concussion.

Amy & I drove the boys back late Sunday night once Gus was released. Getting home was good for our mentality as we could get Gus back in his bed, in his routine, and in his own surroundings. Monday was a good day for him, and he continues his progress today. He is riding around on his trucks, playing with his new bubbles, and enjoying all the doting from his mom and dad.

So while the time we spent with family did not go as any of us planned, there were some good things on the trip despite the episode with Gus. Owen had the time of his life as he received twice the attention while his brother was being poked and prodded in the hospital. Owen played with his Pappy, played with trucks and tractors, went to the beach with GJ, Pappy and Aunt Mel where he played in the sand and the water, and learned high-five/knuckles/elbows from his Uncle Dude. As Owen normally doesn't let his mom out of his sight for very long, the time away with the rest of the family was good for him to bond. Amy & I were very happy to have the family there to take care of Owen while we tended to Gus.

Likewise Tucker was a happy camper as well. He got to spend the week as the lone male dog among females with his dog cousins Sayla, Chloe and Tera. He got to run on the beach and play in the sun. It was a good old dog dream time for Tucker.

And as much as no one likes to be in a hospital, they did show Cars on-demand in the hospital rooms so we watched Lightning McQueen and Mater four times in three days. We know that movie by heart now. ;-)

So the Charleston trip was not at all what any of us expected. We were counting on a trip with lots of time for family bonding and relaxation. But life doesn't always turn out like we expect. The trip will be one that none of us -- Mom, Dad, GJ, Pappy, Aunt Mel, Uncle Dude -- will ever forget. At the end of the day Gus is recovering fine, and we'll chalk this up as one of many bumps along the way. We just need some time.

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chad said...

I always knew you were a toughie, Gusman! We are very glad you are and thank God your angel was looking after you that day.