Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bluegrass Diary -- Glasgow

The Rutledges left their nest in North Carolina for a trek to visit family in Glasgow, Kentucky last week. We loaded up the van with boys, dog, gear & DVD's for the 9.5 hour journey. Owen and Gus did surprisingly well on the long journey, and we were all rewarded with a hearty welcome and a needed break.

A trip to Glasgow is never complete without a trip to the horse farm. We got to visit cousin Spencer and Carrie's farm where the boys got to see horses, sit on a tractor, and play in the gravel. Here Owen ponders which of those things he wants to do first.

The boys were in awe of the big blue tractor and got to honk the horn. It's the little things in life.

The boys got to visit with their great-grandmother and were more than happy gathering rocks that Mother can use to build a rock collection. :-)

The boys got to ride in Uncle Carroll's mini-truck to take a tour of the farm to see horses and dogs at Pleasure Acres.

Pappy was all too happy to take Owen & Gus to a construction site where trucks & tractors were moving earth for a new shopping center. A chorus of "Big Dump Trucks!!" erupted. It was a close call on who was more excited to watch big heavy equipment --grandfather or grandsons. :-) Here Gus is trying to figure out how he's going to get up on this big monster truck.

Of course there was time taken out for relaxation on the patio with GJ and Pappy. After all, happy hours on Central time are an hour earlier! Owen and Gus got to bring of their dad's old toy trucks and tractors outside to entertain them for hours.

Owen helped make sure the chimenia has plenty of sticks to knock the chill off a cool spring evening. As a bonus he got to look the part of a chimney sweep.

The trip to Glasgow was a much needed break for the four of us. It was good to see family and get back to the Bluegrass state. Finally, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Uncle Carroll and the Benedicts as they continue to search for treatment options and face the unknown. Be strong -- we are all pulling for you.

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