Monday, December 18, 2006

"Nothing New Here...And That's the Point"

As the crunch sets in during the last few days before Christmas, here is an interesting read about a group of people in California who have pledged to not buy anything new throughout the year in the face of our modern consumer-obsessed culture.

Personally the execution of such a pact would drive me insane. But the intention is good -- simplify. I could go for some of this -- although new socks are a necessity. ;-)

Food for thought. Cheers!

"We didn't do this to save the world. We did this to improve the quality of our own lives," Perry says. "And what we learned is that we all have a lot of more stuff than you think, and that you can get along on a lot less stuff than you can imagine."


Anonymous said...

W-e-l-l It kind of goes along with my plan--if something new comes into the house, something else must go out of the house. Homes are only so big, no matter the size, to house all that we purchase in our culture. It does help control clutter. GJ

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the Compacters would think about spending $1400 on a stray dog that's 6-8 years old, going blind and eats plexi-glass? ~Claudia